To Omanu Golf club members,

Over the past 2 years the Board have been considering the requirements of the club constitution (the constitution is a document describing the rules that the club will run by). The existing constitution has served us well but like most things these days it has become a little outdated and we think we should improve it.

The Board has now completed the review and has drafted a new constitution that it believes will better serve us into the future.

In order to change the constitution it must be put before a vote at an AGM, we propose to do this at this years AGM in November. Before then however we think all members should have an opportunity to review it, ask questions and seek clarification and the Board would value the feedback and input from members so that we can best suit the needs of the membership.

Attached is the proposed draft constitution and the existing constitution for your reference, if you have comments, ideas, or questions please provide these to me & I will seek to address them for you, additionally feel free to make contact with any of the Board members who will be happy to discuss it with you.

In order to meet the November AGM timing we request that all feedback or questions are back to us by 28 October 2021.

Dale McGuire

Board Chairperson

Omanu Golf Club

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