Junior Golf

Junior Give Golf a Go

This school holidays Omanu Golf Club are offering kids the opportunity to try golf for free in a fun environment.

For more details click here and to register click here. 

Junior Program

The aim of our 4 staged youth program is to introduce the game of golf in a fun and exciting way and hopefully create a golf fan for life. The different stages of the program let the youth progress at their own pace and development from beginner through to playing in our members club competitions. From there they can take the game as far as they like where they can compete in district, state and national junior competitions.

Delivered by PGA Teaching Professionals, your child will receive all the fundamentals and etiquette required to enjoy the game of golf – One to one lessons are also available in 30 minute or 60 minute lessons. Please ask your coach for details.

Our Junior co-ordinator is Eve Clarke and she is a trainee member of the NZ Professional Golfers Association so she is trained in all areas of coaching for the budding Lydia Ko’s and Tiger Woods. 
From Level 2 onwards each child will get a T-shirt, jar and a minis membership. Eve has set up a very cool program, juniors start on yellow and work your way up by achieving skills. Once you have achieved all the skills in yellow you will then receive a red top and then a green top. 

Junior Program Levels

  • Pay as You Go (Level 1 – Beginner) – Casual Walk-in Group Clinics
  • Yellow (Level 2 – Intermediate) – Group Clinics
  • Green (Level 3 – Advanced) – Group Clinics / Club Handicap / Junior Competitions
  • Graduate (Level 4 ) – Club Competitions / Junior Competitions / Regional Competitions