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Dear Guest, Friday, 18 June, 2021

Kia ora everyone

Recently I updated your Section Captains with a project that the Course Committee, with the support of the Board, has embarked upon in 2021.

The project was focused on finding a suitably qualified Course Designer to review our Course and present a plan for us to work towards in the future.

The “Why”

A pretty long list, I’ll pick the eye’s out of it.

  • The backbone of the Club is our Course – it’s imperative we have a plan in place for it
  • Members aren’t equipped with the level of expertise required to effect positive change in this area. Our desire to do the best for the Club might be there, but not the skill set.
  • An overall plan, on public display in our foyer, provides some stability for the Club – we know where we are going, we have a blueprint to work to, and we future-proof ourselves from ever-changing Boards, Captains, and Course Committee’s.
  • The first choice on any project is to always consider the “Do nothing” option. Probably not that smart to meander along without a plan for the Course; let’s rule it out.

The Process

We dug back into the archives to see what we could find – we stopped short of sifting through previous minutes but what I do want to say from the outset is that I absolutely acknowledge the desire, commitment, and work that previous Boards, Committee’s, and individuals have done for Omanu and our Course. This is an exercise in looking ahead whilst recognising those who have done so much in the past. Thank you

We set about this project with a few things in mind – the first one is that the Course remains open throughout any changes, preferably as an 18-hole course but a minimum of 17. We tried to identify NZ talent, or Vendors that have experience in NZ. We steered clear of a “name” to be associated to the design – we believe the “Omanu” brand is strong enough, not to mention how polarising (and expensive) selecting a name can be. Having identified four Vendors, we approached each one with the same brief and assessed their pitch.

Four soon became three, one Vendor was forced to resign from the process due to their workload in the next 24 months.

Initially we were keen to have a couple of options open at the end of this scoping phase – it was apparent from all the replies that financially, this wasn’t going to be an option. We were going to have to make a choice.

One requirement that all the vendors had was a topographical map (to ½ metre gradient) of the Course. We had that work carried out recently while we continued the selection process.

As we got down to the nitty gritty, we reference checked with clubs in NZ that have worked with the vendor’s – we’re viewing this project as a partnership just like we have with our best sponsor’s/suppliers so we wanted to know that we can build a relationship and continue to work together over time.

The “Who”

The Board has approved the Course Committee’s recommendation – Grant Puddicombe of Puddicombe Design. They’re a family-owned business of 30 years with over 75 projects in Canada, NZ, USA, and Japan. They also own and operate two member clubs in Canada, something none of the other vendors had.

Grant’s first visit to the Course will happen shortly and we’ve provided him with a document to assist in his work. It was quite a bit of work to get that document together – you don’t want to over subscribe and limit his creativity, but you certainly don’t want to give him an open chequebook and say, “fill your boots”.

What next

As we go through this process, you will have the chance to review the Plan that is presented and decide on the future of Omanu. Without the support of the members, it will not happen. The devil will be in the details, and the devil will have a cost. What I can say is this, if the changes are significant, then it might be a 10-year plan we are considering. If they are minor, it could be a 5-year plan. The point isn’t about the cost (albeit that this is a significant factor), it’s about having a plan.

Work on the 17th will not be halted.

We have suspended work on major projects around the Course (cart paths as an example)

Need to know more?

I realise that there’s a heap of information that I cannot put in writing (these e-mails always end up outside our Club) and I would love to present to any members that want to find out more and ask some questions. If you want to attend, please e-mail me directly ( From there I’ll arrange a get-together at the Club one night; I’ll do my best to answer your questions and keep you informed.

That’s it from me, play well.

Dave McIntosh

Ph. 021 1784700

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