A good solid par 4 that requires a long tee shot. A missed fairway on either side spells trouble. A mid to long iron to the centre of the green enables you to make a well-earned 4.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 2 375
   White   4 6 335
   Yellow   4 7 315
   Blue   4 2 375
   White   4 6 335
   Yellow   4 6 315


EVES locally owned and operated in the Bay since 1970.

On top of this, good real estate results come when you combine these things with experience and expertise. That’s why we believe you will want to work with EVES salespeople. Daniel and Rachel Dickison have continually demonstrated they deliver results for their clients. Having them as your trusted advisors you can be sure you will be well informed and feel confident when making those important property decisions. 

At EVES we focus on creating a relationship of respect and trust with our clients by ensuring we stay focused on the outcomes for our customers. That’s the very reason why EVES people receive a vast amount of repeat and referral business every year and we have grown to become the Bay of Plenty’s preferred real estate brand.

EVES has a great team, led by the management and salespeople backed up by a team of dedicated IT, marketing and back office experts. Be sure to say hi to Daniel & Rachel while enjoying your round and check out their great deal on the second tee.