A par 3 that requires a mid-iron hit 3 to 4 metres right of the flag. A wayward tee shot left could find the bunker or the water hazard.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   3 12 157
   White   3 16 141
   Yellow   3 17 120
   Blue   3 12 157
   White   3 16 141
   Yellow   3 18 120

G3 Financial Freedom

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We don’t believe anyone has a crystal ball when it comes to investing, regardless of experience in the financial industry.  Attempting to predict the future in terms of when and where to invest has been proven not to add any value to investors, this only adds costs, affects returns, reduces diversification and ultimately increases risk to the investor.  We therefore prefer to adhere to proven ways to invest our clients’ money.

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