Position your tee shot down the left-hand side of the fairway to avoid the trees on the right. A very long green so be aware of the pin placement. Ideal birdie chance.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 14 305
   White   4 12 296
   Yellow   4 11 276
   Blue   4 14 305
   White   4 12 296
   Yellow   4 12 276


Metlifecare villages represent what it really means to be a modern 70, 80 year old – or beyond in the 20th century. These are new kinds of community where you’ll make new friendships, have a busy activities calendar and more time to do the things you enjoy doing. Our residents will tell you that there’s actually so much MORE TO COME.

In the sunny Bay of Plenty, Metlifecare have five outstanding lifestyle villages in five prime locations.  Rather than each being “carbon copies” of each other, Metlifecare villages reflect the design, culture and ideals of the local community that they have sprung from – in the way the buildings and grounds look, and also in the day-to-day living.

Residents influence the way the village is run as much as they do their own home, whether it be a stylish independent villa, apartment or serviced apartment. If your situation changes, you decide how your next steps takes shape, what support you would like from a little support, right through to hospital care, if needed. We will help you to access personal support easily.

Since each village is a unique community, the residents and staff are too. That’s what many of Metlifecare’s residents say made their village feel more instantly like home, not somewhere you’d have to comply with lots of seemingly pointless rules and restrictions. With the amazing array of activities to match each village’s resident group’s interest and its sensational location – it’s no wonder our residents ENJOY MORE while living in a Metlifecare village.

To find a Metlifecare village that epitomises your preferences visit www.metlifecare.co.nz/bay-of-plenty-villages