A good solid par 4 that requires a long tee shot. A missed fairway on either side spells trouble. A mid to long iron to the centre of the green enables you to make a well-earned 4.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   4 2 375
   White   4 6 335
   Yellow   4 7 315
   Blue   4 2 375
   White   4 6 335
   Yellow   4 6 315


At Flex Fitness, we push boundaries and challenge the status quo. We consistently provide the most relevant exercise, nutrition and education systems in order to achieve optimal lifestyle balance.

Maintaining a motivational atmosphere in our clubs is an important aspect of Flex Fitness. We carefully select upbeat music which motivates effort. We set that music at the right level; loud enough for people to get in the zone and train hard alone, yet quiet enough where people can hold conversations comfortably with each other. Our lighting selection is deliberate and compliments wall graphics and the attention to detail in our fit-out.

Flex Fitness clubs are fitted with instructor-led group fitness spaces. Flex Fitness Mt Maunganui holds Les Mills group classes including RPM, Body Balance and Bodypump. Unlike ‘bigbox gyms’, our classrooms are designed for smaller groups, 10 – 15 per class, allowing for a more personalised group fitness experience where the instructor and members connect with greater motivation and encouragement. Our group fitness classes are high energy, promote a fun and challenging fitness experience catering to all fitness levels.

We offer a total fitness and strength solution for all your gym needs, partnering with Life Fitness and Hammer Strength, we are leading the way with the latest equipment, serviced on a regular basis.

For more than 45 years, Life Fitness has been dedicated to creating fitness solutions that benefit both facilities and exercisers.

Hammer Strength has been building athletes for more than 25 years. Not just elite athletes, but those with the focus and determination to want to train like one.

All Flex Fitness clubs have an on-site supplement bar for members to purchase Supplement or grab a banana on their way out the door. Our supplement bars are equipped with blenders to make protein shakes on the go. For many, having a positive social experience at the gym is just as important as the physical exercise itself. Our supplement bars are a great place to ‘shoot-the-breeze’ with staff and other members.

We like to make sure our members feel safe in our 24hour access gyms. In our clubs, for piece of mind, we have security cameras throughout, secured lockers for your gym bags and private bathrooms. Panic alarms are available for those who train after hours notifying security and emergency response services straight away outside of staffed hours.

Staff embody a welcoming and inclusive attitude to all who walk through the door. This creates a non-competitive culture where people can enjoy working out together. Despite our diverse backgrounds, members at Flex Fitness are equals, and a culture of respect and positivity between members on the gym floor is a core competency of our brand.