Lessons / Gifts
Why bother to have golf lessons?
The reason golf lessons are so popular is fairly simple.
They assist you to learn the game of golf  - quicker and easier - than you would if you tried to figure it all out on your own or they allow you to improve what you are currently doing and take your game to another level as a result.
Whichever one applies to you, taking golf lessons is the best thing that you can do to enjoy your time on the golf course golf as much as possible
After all you do play golf for enjoyment - right?
Golf Lessons at Omanu Golf Club are currently given by:
Club Professional
Ian Hardie
027 222 2073
email: ian@golfhabits.com
Full AA New Zealand PGA Member with over 30 years of experience in the game of golf
Ian is a sought after golf teacher who is able to assist all levels of golfer from beginner through to elite.
The most common thing that his students say - "I'm excited about playing golf again"
You can find out more about golf lessons with Ian at: www.ianhardie.net
Ian also does a lot of writing about golf as well - his main website: www.golfhabits.com is viewed in over 130 countries worldwide. It has in excess of 400 articles (all free to read) about the game of golf and how to play it better, along with ways to find the two golf books he has published and also the two online learning programs that he has running currently
His best suggestion?
Take a good look through the archives of Golf Habits on a rainy day to help your golf game!
Ian's individual golf lessons cost $75 for 50 minutes (although it almost always ends up as an hour!)
Gift vouchers for Ian's lessons are available in the Pro Shop
Teaching Professional
Mikayla Bell NZPGA Professional 
TPI Level 1 and Level @ certified
Bachelor of Sports Science (Human Movement)
Caddied on major world tours for past two years while gaining experience with world renowned coaches and tour players including a World Golf Championship
Mikayla is now available for coaching at Omanu Golf Club and Pro Drive Golf Omanu. She has a huge passion and drive for helping everyone to achieve the greatest satisfaction from their game of golf. Whether you are a complete beginner through to a recreational golfer, representative golfer or someone with the complete desire and dream to be world class- she would love to help you with your goals. She has some great accomplishments with junior golfers with her previous background as the Bay of Plenty Golf Development Manager and a real passion for children to cross over the great traits learned from golf into everyday life.
To book a time with Mikayla please either ring Pro Drive Omanu on 07 572 0770, the Omanu Pro Shop on 07 575 5957 (option 1) or email her at mikaylabellgolf@gmail.com